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Burn the Boats - My $48K Web Design Gamble

houseTrevor Dove, CEO Feb 23, 2024

Burn the Boats: My $48K Web Design Gamble

Imagine this: You've got a big dream. It's so big, you're ready to bet $48,000 on it. Yes, you heard that right. $48,000 on marketing. And guess what? My company isn't even making money yet! Sounds wild? Maybe. But here's the scoop on why this is the smartest move I've ever made.

Why Invest in Marketing Now?

You might think, "Why spend money you don't have?" Here's the thing:

  • Visibility is key. Without people seeing what we do, we're invisible. And you can't sell if you're invisible.

  • Dream big, win big. We're aiming for the stars. To get there, we need a big push.

  • Build it and they will come? Not quite. You need to shout about what you're building. That's where marketing comes in.

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The Big Decision

Deciding to spend $48k a year on marketing was HUGE. But it was also a no-brainer. Here's why:

  • We need to be seen. This world is noisy. We need to stand out.

  • The plan is solid. We're not just throwing money around. We have a plan.

Here's the breakdown:

  • $3k on Google search ads. Plus, a bit extra for the expert who helps us. This is our short-term game. It's about getting seen now.

  • $1k on white-hat link building. This is the long haul. We're talking guest posts, great content, and getting cozy with sites that have a lot of clout.

Why these two? Because they work together like peanut butter and jelly. The ads get us quick wins. The link building sets us up for the future. It's like planting a garden. First, you see the sprouts (ads). Then, you get the fruit (link building).

But why $48k? Because that's what it takes. We're in this to win. And sometimes, you have to spend money to make money. Plus, we're talking about custom web development services here. This stuff isn't cheap. But it's worth every penny.

My Spending Over Time

Custom web development isn't just about looking good. It's about creating something that works like a dream. It's what sets us apart. And in this game, being different is everything.

So, yes. It's a lot of money. But it's going into:

  • Google Ads. Quick wins, remember? We need to stay afloat.

  • White-hat link building. This is the marathon. It's slow. But when it pays off, it's big.

We're not just another small business web design agency. We're the little guys with big dreams. And this $48k? It's our rocket fuel.

Stay tuned. I'll dive into the nitty-gritty of Google Ads and white-hat link building next. Plus, I'll share the mixed reactions I got from everyone. My parents, friends, even my college professors had something to say. And trust me, it wasn't all cheers and high fives.

But hey, that's what happens when you bet big. You get big reactions. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Short-term Strategy: Google Ads

So, we're spending $3,000 a month on Google search ads. Sounds like a lot? It is. But here's why it's super smart:

  • Fast results. We're talking quick wins. This keeps our boat floating while we build for the future.

  • Right in front. Google ads put us where people are looking. Like, right now. When someone searches for "custom web development services," boom! There we are.

And the fees? Well, we've got a Google ads guru. He takes a piece of the pie. But he's worth it. He makes sure our ads are top-notch.

This is crucial, guys. Without these ads, we're a whisper in a storm. With them, we're a shout in a quiet room.

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Long-term Strategy: White-Hat Link Building

Now, for the marathon: $1,000 a month on white-hat link building. This is where patience turns into success.

  • Guest posts. We team up with big-name sites. We share our smarts. They share their spotlight.

  • Creative content. This isn't about churning out blah. It's about being so good, others can't help but link to us.

But here's the kicker: It takes time. Like, a lot of time. We might not see a bump in our views for months. But when it kicks in? It's game-changing.

The internet is a lot like a spider web—that's why they call it 'the web.' The more connected you are, the closer you get to the center of it all. Each link we build is like a strand in that vast network, slowly building an audience.

Why bother? Because this is how we build a rep. It's how we become known as the go-to for small business web design agency stuff. And it's how we stay in the game long after the ads have done their bit.

It's a slow burn. But the best fires are. They last longer.

Next up, I'll spill about the reactions I got. My folks, my buds, my wise old professors... They all had their two cents. And let me tell you, not all of it was music to my ears.

But that's the thing about going big. Not everyone will get it. But you do it anyway. Because you believe. And because, well, who wants to play it safe?

Stay with me. The story's just heating up.

Spider Web

Mixed Reactions

Telling people about spending $48k on marketing got me all kinds of looks. Here's the rundown:

  • My Parents: "Are you sure?" They're all about playing it safe. Investing so much in something that's not a sure win? Made them super nervous.

  • Close Friends: A mix. Some said, "Go for it!" Others? More like, "Sounds risky..." They love me. They support me. But they also worry.

  • Professors from College: They've seen it all. Some nodded, like, "Interesting strategy." Others frowned, "Why not wait until you're profitable?"

Everyone had a point. But here's mine: No risk, no reward. Yes, it's a lot of money. Yes, it's a bit scary. But you know what? Great things never came from comfort zones.

This isn't about being reckless. It's about believing in my business. It's about doing what it takes to succeed. And sometimes, that means making big, bold moves.

"Burn the Boats" Mentality

I live by a simple motto: "Burn the boats." It means no looking back. When you land on the shore, you burn your boats. You commit. It's do or die.

  • All in: This marketing campaign? It's my way of burning the boats. I'm all in. There's no plan B.

  • Win big or learn big: Sure, it's a gamble. But the best entrepreneurs? They're gamblers at heart. They bet on themselves.

  • Spectacular results: Whether I crash and burn or soar to new heights, it's going to be spectacular. Because I gave it my all.

I've pushed all my chips to the center of the table. It's a bold move. But bold moves are what separate the successful from the spectators.

Investing in custom web development and small business web design agency services isn't just a cost. It's an investment in my dream. It's a statement. It says, "I believe in this. Enough to risk it all."

And here's the thing about risks: They're scary. But they're also where the magic happens. Where you find out what you're made of. And, more often than not, where you find success.

So, yes. I've bet $48k on marketing. Yes, it's a lot. But am I worried? Not a chance. Because I believe in my business. And I'm ready to see it fly.

Man on a Boat

A Tale of What Could Be

Dreaming big has always been my thing. With $48k on the line for marketing, here's the vision:

  • Six Figures in Year One: Sounds bold? That's because it is. But with our strategy, it's not just possible—it's probable.

  • From Vision to Reality: Every day, with every dollar spent on Google Ads and every guest post published, we're building. Brick by brick, click by click.

  • The Power of Belief: It's not just about the money. It's about proving that with enough grit, creativity, and smart investment, dreams do come to life.

This isn't just wishful thinking. It's strategic planning mixed with hard work and a dash of daring. And it's what sets us apart in the custom web development world. We're not just another small business web design agency. We're dream builders, and we're in it for the long haul.

Rocket Taking Off


Here we are, at the end of our $48k marketing journey. Big investment? Absolutely. But it's more than that. It's a statement. A declaration that we're here to make waves, not just ride them.

  • Belief in Action: This campaign is my belief, turned into action. It's my commitment to not just my business, but to the dreams of our clients.

  • Balancing Act: It's a delicate dance between quick wins and long-term gains. Between visibility now and reputation building for the future.

  • Ready for Takeoff: Every step, every strategy, every dollar spent is fueling our rocket. We're on the launchpad, ready to soar.

And you? What's your dream? How are you building it every day? If you're ready to bring your vision to life with custom web development services that set you apart, let's talk.

Click the Calendly link in the bottom-right of your screen for a free call with me personally. Let's explore how we can grow your business together. Because your dream is worth it. And together, we can make it a reality.

Here's to building dreams, taking bold steps, and making the spectacular happen. Let's do this.